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Pharrell Williams and Reebok Agree to End Partnership

Pharrell WilliamsLast month, Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes hit Reebok with a $4 million lawsuit for allegedly breaching their contract to manufacture and produce Williams’ Billionaire Boys Club clothing and Ice Cream sneaker lines. On Tuesday, January 18th, the two parties mutually agreed to end their footwear and apparel licensing agreement, but Reebok will continue to sell the Ice Cream footwear at retail until June 30th, 2005. Williams will announce his new plans for the clothing and sneaker line in the coming weeks.

Reebok’s Chief Marketing Office Dennis Baldwin said in a released statement, “Pharrell and Reebok are parting ways as friends with a mutual understanding and respect that Reebok’s strategy and his strategy for the design and distribution of Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream were simply different. Although we would have liked for this venture to have been more successful, in the end, we both realize that the design and distribution fit just wasn’t there….We both agree that the door is open for future opportunities to work together.”
Williams added, “Reebok and I both understand we have very different visions for my clothing line, BBC, and my sneaker line, Ice Cream. I have learned a great deal doing business with Reebok, and it has a been a great experience. I am pleased that we can part ways amicably and am excited to launch my line independently.”

Ice Cream Shoe Quotes: "See these ice cubes, see these ice creams?" - Pharrell Williams - Drop it Like its Hot.

"I'm in the Ice Cream Shoe, nice glem too" - Fabolous - Tit 4 Tat feat. Pharrell Williams

     -On the Second Annual Video Game Awards Pharrell Williams, the creator of the Ice Cream Custom Shoe, was wearing an Ice Cream Shirt, so be on the look out. Pharrel sets the trend and everyone else follows.

     -Every track Pharrell Williams touches seems to turn to platinum, but now he’s lending his hand to a different kind of "Ice." This fall, the groundbreaking producer/artist Pharrell of Neptunes and N.E.R.D. fame is proud to present the custom Ice Cream footwear collection dropping September 2004. The collection is part of a long-term licensing partnership between Pharrell and Reebok.

     This exclusive casual, fashion footwear collection by Rbk will be available in limited distribution at high-end boutiques worldwide. The custom shoe Ice Cream’s, by Pharrell, uniqueness and creativity are set forth from the outset, with each pair of custom kicks encased in packaging that resembles an actual ice cream carton. The first shoe in the line is a skate-influenced silhouette with a low-profile design that features sparkling images of diamonds and dollar bills. Additional images to be featured in the footwear collection include radios and dice and pagers and money rolls.

     All elements of the design are being brought to the world by one of today’s hottest global designers, Nigo in collaboration with Reebok’s Rbk group and Pharell. Nigo is best known for his "A Bathing Ape" apparel and custom shoe line.


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The custom shoe green/black of the Ice Cream Shoe, named the "Money Roll" by Pharrell is to the right. Ice Cream Shoe Colors about the different flavors of the shoe.


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