Pharrell Williams' Line Custom


ice cream shoe original

ice cream shoe money roll

Shoe Flavor Name: Original Icecream Shoe

Description: This is the first style of the shoe to come out. Big money signs and diamonds. Available in a bunch of different colors.

Shoe Flavor Name: Money Roll

Description: Rolls of money on the shoe. Second style to be released. The colors are a little more vibrant.

ice cream shoe pager

  Shoe Flavor Name: Pager

Description: Icecream old school pagers on the shoe. Probably the hardest flavor to find. Some say that this shoe was only released as a custom copy off, and its not a real flavor of the shoe.

ice cream shoe dice

ice cream shoe lil diamonds and money

Shoe Flavor Name: Dice

Description: Pairs of dice on the shoe. Released in the second wave. There aren't many colors that came out in this shoe.

Shoe Flavor Name: Lil' Original Flavor

Description: Little diamonds and money signs on the shoe. The last flavor to be released. Basically a copy of the first flavor.

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